Hired and radio controlled

Hired and radio controlled by Steven Jouwersma

Untitled (hired and radio controlled)  2007

A street kid from Durban was hired to play with a radio-controlled car during the opening of an exhibition of master students from Cape Town in the KZN Gallery in Durban-South Africa.

Untitled (hired streetkid - radio controlled car) , performance, KZN gallery, Durban SA, 2007

Jouwersma came from Holland to South Africa for 3 months and was faced for the first time with situations where old black people were doing the dirty dishes in a trashed kitchen while young white students were hanging in front of the television after a wild house party.

For Jouwersma who is not confronted with household help his whole live it was a shock. A boy who offered his labour with a street sign in the neighborhood of an art gallery has been hired by Jouwersma to play with a radio controlled toy car during the opening of a group art exhibition, standing in an empty corner letting his red car drive around.

The white art space with a few sculptures in the middle and the moving legs of the audience formed a dynamic race track. It created confusion, the reality in South Africa is the separation between layers of society. The audience of the exhibition was on one exemption white upperclass and the presence of a black boy playing around was at first a challenge to understand.