Cöp Gürültü

Cöp Gürültü by Steven Jouwersma

Cöp Gürültü  2013


Following 7 Trash Collectors for 7 days with a microphone.

 I was seeking for a way to explore the city of Istanbul.  Something not transformed for the consumption of tourism. A practice that would establish a form of contact with the city.

 The enormous city as a surface, a raw material, is an abstraction I have enjoyed while wandering through it. The interest that grew in the trash collectors that touch the surface for trash is a consequence of listening in an abstract way.

Trash collectors are something of an underground scene, half legal, independent, half accepted but ever present, ignored by most and seen as a dying breed by modernization in Istanbul.

"Hüzün and other things "PROJECT BLOG during the residency period in 2013

  • Type : Video, Interventions
  • Place: Istanbul. PiST///
  • Context: The streets of Istanbul, illegal trash collectors
  • Photo's by Steven Jouwersma
  • Material: Microphone and recorder

Thrash collectors:  Sergen Ovaç , Sebahattin Başbuğ, Burhan Darlı , Sebahattin Kalıpçı , Vedat &  Açış Hurdacılık, Adil Tuğ , Adanalı Güner 

Gulsen Akbas, Didem Özbek, Osman Bozkurt

Supported by Mondriaan Fund and PiST///