Modo Kodo

Modo Kodo - Moengo Surinam by Steven Jouwersma


2013 (TRAILER original length 25 minutes)

When a Dutch artist comes to the ex-colony of Surinam and stays for 3 months in the small mining town Moengo wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket with fringes he soon is know as the "White Rocker". The video shows Jouwersma becoming the protagonist of his project by putting himself in the public attention by selling Cd's on the street and joining the Reggae jam sessions where he plays guitar. The rocker builds a stage of old cars in the middle of town and the night before he goes home he performs punk songs about Moengo and eventually "dies" on stage surrounded by a dancing crowd while playing guitar with his teeth.

  • Type : Video, Social interventions, performance and music stage

  • Place: Moengo (Surinam) public space, Tembe Art Studio

  • Context: A small town in the inland of Surinam.

  • Photo's by Steven Jouwersma, Basta and people from Moengo

  • Material: 4 cars, metal, wood, paint, cd's, leather jacket.

Thanks to: Micheal B, Rast2, Durangu, Revo, Master Billa, Basta Digital, Marcel Pinas, Tresna Pinas and her dance group "Teke Leki", Henk, Eduard, Dinesh, Mario, and all the persons who helped making the show.

PROJECT BLOG during the residency period in 2012

supported by the Mondriaan Fonds