Borgel-Tron by Steven Jouwersma

Borgel-Tron 2007

Documentation video of the installation

A generative sound installation built of adopted electronic organs.

The organs of Borgel-Tron were offered for free on eBay in Holland, they still worked perfectly when picked up from people in the neighborhood of Groningen. A documentary about the people who traded their organs for a home baked apple pie is part of the installation.

The Organs are able to sense and kick a ball; after they kicked the ball to another organ they play a predefined chord for a few seconds. Because the ball follows an undefined path it is a random and endless composition.

Borgel Blog - the making of

  • Year : 2007 Graduation work - MFA - Interactive Media Environments - Frank Mohr Institute

  • Type : Generative sound installation and documentary

  • Space: Amicitia, LeeuwardenContext: Big empty building

  • Material:: 9 Electronic Organs, computer, software patch, electronics, mechanical devices, Ball.

Thanks to: All the people who donated their organs and Klaas Koetje, Bart Nijstad, Martine Rademakers, Berthe Salegos.  

Supported by Hendrik de Vries Stipendium