Recording in wood

Recording in wood by Steven Jouwersma

Recording in Wood 2014.  

Documentation video of the event

10 Rock musicians were asked to play on a stage in the gallery for 4 hours

12 Artists were asked to recreate as much of the equipment as possible with the given materials and their own tools during these 4 hours.

After the performance, the stage and recreated equipment was installed as an installation.

Steven Jouwersma slept for 2 weeks in the 37PK gallery and mingled himself during the night in the local rock music scene of Haarlem to find people who were willing to play at the gallery.

The 12 musicians played theirs songs and jammed together for exactly 4 hours inside the gallery. A group of 10 artists who Jouwersma invited, took the task of documenting the equipment of the musicians with the use of wood leftovers from the gallery during this 4h session. The end result is exhibited as an installation.

Feiko Beckers
Carlotta Bailly-Borg
Gijs Deddens
Klaas Koetje
Bart Nijstad
Astrid Nobel
Eva Sauermann
Eva Schippers
Alex Winters
Philippe Wolthuis

Thanks to all people involved. 
special thanks to gallery 37PK for their open mind.
Joost Verhagen for leading the band.
Bart van Hasselt for helping with transport and doing the sound.

Roel van Bakkum
Renato Cannavacciuolo
Tristan Driesenaar
Armand Giesbergen
Bart van Hasselt
Coen van Hasselt
Rogier Herman
Maaike Kleijn
Ewout Mueller
Rik Stikkelorem
Jan Tromp
Joost Verhagen

The installation was part of the group show "Strange Rituals"
37PK in Haarlem
with Ron Amir and Maria Noel Dourron
Curated by Martijn Lucas Smit