Common Sweat Sauna

Common Sweat Sauna by Steven Jouwersma

Common Sweat Sauna 2016

A sauna was built in front of Zsenne Artlab on a public square in the centre of Brussels. (without legal permission )

The sauna was publicly built over a week and open to the public for one week every night, attracting a diverse audience. The sauna was built with no wooden floor, keeping the street tiles visible inside.

The sauna was rebuilt on various public locations in Brussels.

Common Sweat Sauna #2 was built and traveled to the Sauna Ajot festival 2019 in Teuva Finland .
The largest Mobile Sauna Festival of the globe.

A video work and new sauna initiatives will be presented during the residency period in Zsenne Artlab in Brussels from 29 October till 11 November 2019
more info TBA

Commomn Sweat Sauna has been located at:

Zsenne ArtLab, Brussels
Swallowing Helmets - Jardin Maritime, Brussels
Kaaistudio. Common conference Apass. Brussels
Nadine, Brussels. 

Many thanks to all people involved! 

supported by: Zsenne ArtLab and Nadine