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Not written in Stone

Not written in stone 2016

Is a generative video-work in which 8 musicians are interviewed by a psychoanalyst. While talking about the struggles of their creative process, the analysands are at the same time making pottery behind a pottery wheel. The difficulties of making pottery for the first time are intertwined with inability to reach a clear description of how a creative process works. 

Hd Video. - "Not Written in Stone", continuous random software edit.

The video has a changing length and logic that is generated constantly by a software application I wrote for this project. So a length from 1sec to a day is (mathematically) possible between Titles. This logic fits a Lacanian psychoanalytic session that varies in length to what the psychoanalyst finds suited (very short to very long). The end of a session commonly is a moment that is right to contemplate upon for a next session. A famous example of this is an incident where a patient gave Lacan a present at the start of a session and Lacan directly decide that the session was finished and the analysand could back home again without uttering a word.  

The random computer generated form of presenting the video material came about after a long conventional editing proces that didn't lead me to a conclusion. After selections had been made it seemed not right to make a fixed edit out of it but more a rihzomatic form of directions and meanings. The video can't be played twice as the software generates a different edit every time and thus adding new layers of interpretation each time it's played/generated. 

Psychoanalyst : Estelle Hoy
Musicians: Mia Kemppainen, Günter Schickert, Lucie Vítková, Wizard Ashdod, Juliana Venter and Craig Shuftan.

Directed by Steven Jouwersma
Director of Photography and Camera : Sander Houtkruijer
Camera and Light : Carlos Vasquez
Sound: Steven Jouwersma

supported by the Mondriaan Fonds and Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin.