untitled (wrapping station)


untitled (wrapping station) 2018 - 2019


After going out of business the originally dark blue gasstation in the middle of town was painted bright pink by the local government as part of a city development PR campaign. 

The freshly painted pink gasstation was presented as a temporal artspace and so the invited artists for the first and only group show were visually unmistakably linked to the agenda of preparing the location for economic development. The newly made artworks would be presented under the pink roof with a slogan that said “space for you - great you are here”. 

As a response to this situation Steven Jouwersma wrapped the whole structure with black wrapping foil as a performative gesture. By doing so, actively resisting the visual working conditions of the site what was considered “a big pink elephant in the room”. 

In addition a working reed pump organ was hung up in the roof,  giving the structure a different architectural angle and functionality. The continuos breathing sound of the automated reed organ created an atmosphere of suspense and contemplation to the site.  

Part of the group show Jumping the Shark

with Alban Karsten and Feiko Beckers.
Het Resort - Groningen.

supported by Hetresort