Spektakolu di Kabes di Kadushi

Spektakolu di Kabes di Kadushi by Steven Jouwersma

Spektakulo di Kabes di Kadushi 2017
(Spectacle of the sweet cactushead ) 

As a performance I made a sculpture from cacti during the carnival parade.
I was joined and enormously helped by students of the IBB

With local permission I cut down a 4,5 meter cactus of about 1000 kilo. After some experimentation I found a way to hollow out the cactus. I screwed the pieces of cactus skin that came from this process on the wooden structure during the parade.

The sculpture was later displayed in the center of Willemstad at Casa Moderna.

Supported by the Mondriaan Fund and IBB
Many thanks to all the people involved with pulling, pushing, driving, cutting, presenting and dancing.