Prtestant Witchcraft

Protestant Witchcraft 2018 - Groningen

Protestant Witchcraft - working title -2018


Protestant Witchcraft - working title.

 The sculpture is an assemblage of an old gasstation wrapped in black foil and a 19th century pump organ that is placed between the two roof structures. The pump reed organ is modified with an electric motor that keeps the organ “breathing” to produce a humming chord that can be heard when standing under the structure.

The (working) title refers to the dominant religion of christian protestantism in the north of Holland and witchcraft a form of magic that through the reformation in the 16th century has been like all forms of magic condemned and regarded as utter nonsense.

The Reformation can be seen as a time of increased rationalism. The artwork is a response to this social and spiritual stranglehold that is particularly strong in the north of Holland by adding a sense of transcendence and contemplation at a once very practical place of tanking gas.

Part of the group show Jumping the Shark

with Alban Karsten and Feiko Beckers.
Het Resort - Groningen.

supported by Hetresort