occasional news update about public events


22 till 30 September - Solo exhibition at Dian (Nadine), Brussels.
22 October till 4 November - Residence and exhibition at Zsenne Artlab, Brussels.
4 till 30 November - Workperiod at The Resort, Groningen. 
30 November til Januari 2019 Exhibition at MAchinefabriek, Groningen. 

7 April 2018
Finnisage of group exposition "Power and Ancestors"

17h till 20h
18:30 Screening of N'gosa Bedimo @ WM Gallery
Elandsgracht 35 Amsterdam

3 March till 7 April 2018
WM Gallery - Amsterdam

"Power and Ancestors"
group exhibition
the work Ngos'a Bedimo will be screened
more info

10 November 2017
Drinks and open talk about the nest common sweat sauna. @ dinA : Address: Nieuwbrug 3 Rue du Pont Neuf, from 18:00 to 20:00. 


6 till 13 of November 2017
Micro residency at dinA ( in Brussel. working with the riso machine for some pages about the common sweat sauna in the Wandering Arts Biënnal publication.  

Lecture and screening of Modo Kodo at the Fabriek in Eindhoven. 

Presentation of the work "not written in Stone" in Berlin. 

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