Cöp Gürültü

Cöp Gürültü  2013

Collecting the noise of trash collectors on their routes through Istanbul.

The enormous city as a surface, a raw material is an abstraction I have enjoyed while wandering through it. The interest that grew in the trash collectors that touch the surface for trash is a consequence of listening in an abstract way. For the Trash collector, listening is the least important, finding the right trash is by seeing and touching the bags to find out quickly if it’s worth looking into. The noise of this search, of the crushing, of the plundering is of no interest to the collector until another kind of collector appears and shows interest in their sonic trash.

Trash is an end point for the function of materials and a possibility of transformation. A plastic bottle is picked up, squashed and recycled by those who have found a way of making money out of it. I was seeking for a way to explore the city.  Something not transformed  for the consumption of tourism. An artistic practice that would establish a form of contact with the city and those who live in it. 

"Hüzün and other things "PROJECT BLOG during the residency period in 2013

  • Type : Video, Interventions
  • Place: Istanbul. PiST///
  • Context: The streets of Istanbul, illegal trash collectors
  • Photo's by Steven Jouwersma
  • Material: Microphone and recorder

Thrash collectors:  Sergen Ovaç , Sebahattin Başbuğ, Burhan Darlı , Sebahattin Kalıpçı , Vedat &  Açış Hurdacılık, Adil Tuğ , Adanalı Güner 

Gulsen Akbas, Didem Özbek, Osman Bozkurt

Supported by Mondriaan Fund and PiST///