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"Doï la bele betudu and The Fantastic sound of Steven Jouwersma" - performance, photograph. 2009.

Doï la bele betudu is a traditional band from Bonnedale Cameroon.

During meetings I showed some of my electronic instruments to the youth of the village, all the curiosity inspired me to organize a jam with the local traditional band. To my suprise this could take place at the chiefs palace. I dressed myself up with plants from the jungle around me.
It was a beauty full day, the same day Cameroon qualified for the World Championship. In the evening we were invited for a meeting with the 92 year old Chief in his palace. "it was a historic day" for the youth to come in contact with electronic music the Chief said.
It was the first time in 6 years that Goddy Leye (who is running the Art Bakkery Residency very close to the Palace) was invited into the Chief palace.

Year : 2009

Type : Performance

Space: "Chiefs Palace" Bonnedale Cameroon

Context: During a Residency at Art Bakkery (Goddy Leye)

Materials: Plants, Electronic instruments, Acoustic instruments

Musicians: Doï la bele betudu, Steven Jouwersma
Thanks to: Doï la bele betudu and their great conductor, Raska, The Prince, The Chief, Gody Leye, Silas, Jackson, Jantine Wijnja and Sander Veenhof.
photo's by Jantine and Silas
Curated by Hotel Maria Kapel for " Elopement Residency

The Chief of Bonnedale