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Dia-Exit, interactive installation, 2008.
In his installation DIA EXIT Steven Jouwersma built a device that let's you see a slide for the very last time, before it's destroyed by the exact same device. He collected the slides from people all over the Netherlands and range from an unusual great moment of holiday pictures taken in Austria to pictures of birthdays, weddings and other family events.

But what all these slides have in common is that they all show moments in a persons life that he or she thought were worth capturing on a photograph. Despite their importance, these slides however haven't been looked at for years. Lacking a projector, family members who inherited the slides were often unsure what was actually on them.

With DIA-EXIT, Steven Jouwersma created the opportunity to see these photographs again, reinstating their previous importance. However they can only be watched once, since the device that shows them also destroys them afterwards. This creates a rather unsettling feeling for the audience, because being able to see the next slide, means destroying the previous.

Dia-Exit 3 documentary from Steven Jouwersma on Vimeo

DIA-EXIT is a work with great ambiguity. Jouwersma shows us slides that are beautifully melancholic and gives us an unusual insight in people's personal lives. Although sometimes you desire not destroy the slide, the desire to see the next insightful picture is even greater, resulting in an audience that will always, reluctantly, push the button. (Text by Feiko Beckers)


The making of Dia-Exit 2 
Lots of pictures, movies and soap. (dutch)
Dia Exit 1 / Tschumipaviljoen Groningen 2006 
Pictures and movie (english and dutch)
Dia Exit 2 / V_2 Instite for the unstable Media - Rotterdam 2007 
interview text by Arie Altena (english and dutch)

Year : 2008

Type : Installation 

Space: Zaal 5 (The Hague) V_2 Institute (Rotterdam) Tschumipaviljoen (Groningen).

Material: 40 000 private slides, pneumatics, projectors parts, wood, glass, industrial shredder, electronics, leaf blowers

Thanks to: Feiko Beckers (Camera, Driver) and all people with whom I had the pleasure to visit and adopt their slide collections.
Supported by: Zaal 5, V_2 Institute for the Unstable Media, Tschumipaviljoen.