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An underground music club that exists in the imagination of the participants .

The work is situated close to the entrance of a train station and coffee shop in a suburb of the small city of Groningen. Under the street tiles an underground speaker system was installed that played music day and night.

Jouwersma has searched in the quiet neighborhood for musicians that normally don't present their music outside of their home, ringing doorbells, asking around and using his ears to find musicians playing music in their house.

Recordings of the musicians were made inside their living rooms and played back for days and nights through the speakers of the club. The imaginary club presented the featured musicians on big posters that were spread through the poster hanging company Jouwersma was working for at the time, adding the posters between the posters of "real" big music events.

During the period of eight months the club started to be known in the neighborhood and people started to advise Jouwersma where more home-musicians could be found or they would inquire about the last musician they heard "playing" in the club. In the night teenagers hung around the sounds coming from the tiles under their feet and when snow covered the streets a muffled trumpet or elderly choir could be heard somewhere under the snow.

The club gave rise to some form of perplexity among it's spectators, but worked socially binding among it's participants. All the physical parts were finally presented in a gallery together with a newspaper that reported about the events that happend during the eight months of existence.

Year : 2010

Type : Public music club during 8 months

Space: Noorderstation Groningen

Context: A Trainstation with a pub on the corner in a quiet neighborhood.

Materials: sewer tubes, speakers, sinks, street tiles. Posters, Flyers, stickers.


Musicians: O.N.S. - Willem Jan Stienstra - Heleen Ytsma - Frans van Rijn - Yar Mohammad Alizai -Eddy Kamstra - Sebastiaan Vos - Basisschool de Pendinghe
 Poster Designers: Bert Scholten, Marijke ten Caat, Bart Nijstad, Gijs Deddens, Martine Rademakers, Astrid Florentinus, Alfred Boland, Waynehorse

Thanks to: All Musicians, Designers and Klaas Koetje.

Made possible by Gallery Sign


a club de gootsteen sticker spotted in hte backstage of the Vera club.