Common Sweat is moving around.

-Kaaistudio - Brussel (the artist commoner, conference)
-Nadine - Brussel (Wandering Arts Biennale)
-Zsenne Artlab Brussel (in public space)
-Jardin Maritime - Brussels (swallowing helmets - peas and parrots)

Will be working on a boat for a week.

20-26 June

(photo by Trendbeheer)

The Hills are alive with Muzak
group show around the subject of Muzak.
From 12 September till 8 November 2015
At the Nieuwe Vide in Haarlem

I made a big portrait painting of Klaus Wunderlich specifically for this exhibition titled:
„Ich spiele auf allem, was sich betasten lässt.”
Klaus Wunderlich.
Alkyd lak op Aluminum
125cm x 125cm x 1.5mm

This painting was at first a response to the exhibition that was full of Video and Sound and I did not feel the need to add another time based artwork to it. The painting I made of Klaus I am planning to give to a big Klaus Wunderlich fan and will be a portal to the world of Entertainment Organ music. To be continued...

more info about the show.
De Nieuwe Vide
Trendbeheer report)

Back to Moengo! Surinam

From 15 august untill September 20th 2015
the Moengo Festival will host all the residency artist form the last year.

I will be back there a bit earlier to repair my public artwork "Modo Kodo"

Check out the blog for some pics of the present state. and the rebuild!

5 March 2015 from 19h to xxh
at Bethanien künstlerhaus - Kottbusser Str. 10 !

my studio 216 will be open!
with live music from Gunter Schickert and Wizard Ashdot at 22h.

I will be showing a new video work in proces

1-12-2014 / 31-3-2015
Resident at Bethanien Berlin

15 November 2014 ! The Return of the Haunted Studio!

"Strange Rituals"

a Group show with
Ron Amir
Maria Noel Dourron
Steven Jouwersma
31 October 19:00 until 7 December 2014
At 37PK Gallery

Groot Heiligland 37 - Haarlem
Curated by: Martijn Lucas Smit

recording in wood

I will show a new work that will be a documentation in Wood
of Bands playing in the gallery.

29 October a special event
more pics


13 July 2014 - Lichtfabriek Haarlem

As an opening Band - the Haunted Band will be performing at the opening of a group show of Frank Mohr Alumni.

at 17:00
Lichtfabriek - Haarlem.

2 May until 7th of June 2014
group Show at Jeanine Hofland Gallery - Amsterdam

21 December 2013
@the Gym - Groningen- the Day after... thanks everybody!

more pics


20 December 2013
In de GYM oosterstraat 13 (oude pruim-city bios) Groningen
starting from 20:00 - supported by the SIGN GALLERY !!!

meer info hieronder.

De Gym wordt de "Haunted Studio"
( De Gym is in de oosterstraat - oude City Bios / Pruim City )
Georganiseerd door Steven Jouwersma - De Gym – Galerie Sign

Gevraagd: Muzikanten voor deelname aan de Haunted Studio.
Installatie, opname studio en film set.

December 2013
During my 1 month residency in The Gym - Groningen - Sign Gallery
I participated in an education project with David and Fynn (2 students from the Praedinius Gymnasium.)
3 afternoons we worked on interventions and ended up in the Ikea.

more pics

Video Still - Ikea Dating "The family ideology of Ikea expands" 7' Hd Video
By David, Fynn and Steven 2013.

We did interventions and made a movie using the perfect setting of Ikea livingrooms.

+++ MORE Stills + text +++


11 November 201314:00 opening at Sign gallery - Groningen the Netherlands
showing"Modo Kodo"
giving a lecture about the 3 months in Moengo, Surinam residency.

An interview with Nicholas Barber about "Ngos'a Bedimo" on the critical africaasacountry blog.

An interview with Metal blog "invisible Oranges" about Ngos'a Bedimo

Staying at PAF - St Erme France July 2013 - working on a film with Veridiana Zurita

Ngos'a Bedimo Video will be screened during:

Just Do(ing) It, Again: The Politics of DIY and Self-Organised Culture
Saturday May 11th, 2013 at 1 in 12 Club, Bradford, West Yorkshire. 10:30am – 6pm with entertainment ‘til late.

A day of presentations, workshops, films and discussion about DIY culture and its social, political and economic resonances.

The first Just Do(ing) It conference happened in May 2011 at S1 Artspace, Sheffield. This second get-together aims to share experiences of, and critically reflect on, alternative, underground and marginal cultural practices with a particular focus on art, music and education.

The event will take place at the legendary 1 in 12 Club in Bradford, one of Europe’s longest-running anarchist social centres. Over its three floors there will be a series of presentations, case studies, workshops, discussions and films with themes including ‘DIY, self-organisation and autonomy’. ‘punk and its discontents’, ‘collective case studies’, ‘the gift and poetry as radical gestures’, ‘artistic interventions’, ‘reclaiming labour and artisan production’ and more.

mTurkey BLOG

Until may 2, 2013 in Istanbul - Supported by the Mondriaan Fund - buitenland atelier PiST///
Steven's BLOG during his stay in Turkey

February 18, 2013

Steven Jouwersma (BE / NL) is an artist and musician based in Brussels, attending the PiST/// Research and Production Residency: PIRPIR. Jouwersma's projects deal with the social context of music production and performance. Often starting with dialogue and playing music he makes installations, interventions, performances and video documentations. His music-based projects in Surinam, Cameroon and the Netherlands are concepts developed in response to a given situation or context. His current practice is best understood as a (social) context-responsive approach and attitude therefor his practice is not characterized by material or medium.

On Feb 18, 2013, Monday, at 6:30 pm, Steven Jouwersma will participate in the 'Monday Talk' series to discuss his practice and also screen his new video work Ngos'a Bedimo (2009-2013, 21', Single Channel, DV Video). This video is about Cameroon's first metal band, which Jouwersma initiated during his stay, and all the disasters it has evoked upon him. All events at PiST/// are open to everyone and free. We look forward to seeing you!

2 February - 2 May, 2013

Residency PIST//// Istanbul
with support of Mondriaan Fonds (Mondriaan fonds Residency)

Steven's BLOG during his stay in Turkey

5 January - 16 February, 2013

Social Sound - Group Exhibithion - VHDG - Leeuwarden NL

Jeremy Deller (GB), Matt Stokes (GB), David First (USA), Merlijn Twaalfhoven (NL), Ferhat Özgür (TR), Steven Jouwersma (NL), Katarina Zdjelar (SRB) Wouter Osterholt & Elke Uitentuis (NL), Toon Fibbe (NL) en Elena Bajo (ES). MORE INFO

1st Screening of "Ngos'a Bedimo" and "Modo Kodo"
2 Films about the proces of projects in Cameroon and Surinam.

4 - 14 December 2012

Staying at Casa Do Rio - Rio Tupana - Amazonia - Brasil
An experimental film production in collaboration with Veridiana Zurita

November 2012

Residency at PIST//// - Istanbul
with support of Mondriaan Fonds (Mondriaan fonds Residency)

March - June 2012

mTurkey BLOG

Residency at Tembe Art Studio - Moengo -Surinam Steven's Blog while staying in Surinam
with support of Mondriaan Fonds (Mondriaan fonds Residency)